November 8, 2019

  • 12:02pm Milkman by The Shouting Matches on Grownass Man
  • 12:05pm Always by Lena Elizabeth on Get It Right (Lena Elizabeth)
  • 12:09pm Ace by The Jayhawks on Paging Mr. Proust
  • 12:14pm Separate by Trampled By Turtles on Daytrotter Session - 5/20/2010
  • 12:18pm Hold Me to Your Bones by Paul Cebar on Upstroke for the Downfolk (Don't Records)
  • 12:22pm Tears Won't Fall by Farewell Milwaukee on Autumn Rest Easy
  • 12:25pm Little Nemo by Grant Hart on Good News For Modern Man (Pine Creek Entertainment)
  • 12:32pm One Last Time by Veruca Salt on Eight Arms to Hold You (outpost recordings)
  • 12:37pm Can't Go Home by Driftwood Bones on Mid West Music Fest 2014 Artist Sampler
  • 12:40pm Closer To Free by The Bodeans (Free )
  • 12:43pm Folk Music Singer by Feeding Leroy on Monument Valley (Feeding Leroy)
  • 12:47pm Mrs Bluebird by Ben Lubeck on For You Again (Five Head Entertainment)
  • 12:50pm Bottomless Cup by Jayhawks on Sound Of Lies (American Records)
  • 12:54pm Heaven Knows by The Shouting Matches on Grownass Man
  • 12:58pm My Gospel Song for You by Mark Olson and Gary Louris on Ready for the Flood
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