November 23, 2019

  • 11:01am The Heat by Michigan Rattlers on Evergreen (Michigan Rattlers)
  • 11:04am Where's Ace? by Midnight Reruns on Force Of Nurture
  • 11:08am Home by Great American Taxi on Dr. Feelgoods Traveling Medicine Show (Lo-Hi Records)
  • 11:13am Pangaea by Toki Wright & Big Cats! on Pangaea
  • 11:17am All-Nighter by Bad Bad Hats on Psychic Reader
  • 11:19am Heavy Metal Drummer by wilco on yankee hotel foxtrot (None Such Records)
  • 11:23am Folk Music Singer by Feeding Leroy on Monument Valley (Feeding Leroy)
  • 11:26am Sugar Blue by The Reverend Eddie Danger on 2002-2012
  • 11:31am My Hand Smells Like Breast by The Poison Control Center on MaximumAmesTV Live Session - Unreleased
  • 11:34am Still and Still Moving by David Huckfelt on Stranger Angels (David Huckfelt)
  • 11:39am Get it Right by Lena Elizabeth on Get It Right (Lena Elizabeth)
  • 11:43am Out There by Ol' Yeller on Nuzzle (SMA Records)
  • 11:45am One Good Reason by Bob Mould on Black Sheets Of Rain (Virgin)
  • 11:52am April by Humbird on Pharmakon (Humbird)
  • 11:56am Sound of the Bell by Veruca Salt on Eight Arms to Hold You (outpost recordings)
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