November 25, 2019

  • 12:02pm Another Fine Day by Golden Smog on Another Fine Day (Lost Highway)
  • 12:06pm Everything is Broken by Farewell Milwaukee on FM
  • 12:10pm Say Nothing by Bad Bad Hats on Psychic Reader
  • 12:12pm Colored Emotions by Night Moves on Daytrotter Studio 3/8/2012
  • 12:15pm Colored Emotions by Night Moves on Daytrotter Studio 3/8/2012
  • 12:17pm Fool's Gold by Them Coulee Boys on I Never Lied About Being in Love (Them Coulee Boys)
  • 12:21pm All The Angels by Great American Taxi on Dr. Feelgoods Traveling Medicine Show (Lo-Hi Records)
  • 12:25pm A Little Rain by Bellwether on The Stinging Nettles (Rosa Records)
  • 12:28pm Speakeasy by Frankie Lee on Stillwater (Loose Music)
  • 12:34pm Tracks by Trapper Schoepp & The Shades on Daytrotter Studio 9/14/2012
  • 12:37pm Making Enemies by Ol' Yeller on Nuzzle (SMA Records)
  • 12:41pm Family Tree by Pigtown Fling String Band on Dave's Birthday
  • 12:43pm Greenway by Buffalo Sleeper on Buffalo Sleeper (Buffalo Sleeper)
  • 12:47pm I Don't Want Your Millions Mister by Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee on Mid West Music Fest 2014 Artist Sampler
  • 12:49pm Dallas by Sam Cassidy on Running Blind (Sam Cassidy)
  • 12:52pm Keep Me In Mind by Night Moves on Can You Really Find Me (WATERMARKED AUDIO) (Domino)
  • 12:56pm Living Above the Waterline by Hiss Golden Messenger on Heart Like a Levee (Deluxe Version)
  • 12:58pm I Can See The Pines Are Dancing by AA Bondy on Daytrotter Session - 2/3/2010
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