November 27, 2019

  • 12:00pm I Think by J.E. Sunde on Shapes That Kiss the Lips of God (J.E. Sunde)
  • 12:03pm Blue Marvel by Ol' Yeller on Sounder (SMA Records)
  • 12:06pm Way Back Round by Bellwether on Turnstiles (Rust Belt)
  • 12:10pm No Turning Back by Sam Cassidy on Running Blind (Sam Cassidy)
  • 12:14pm Remains To Be Seen by Grant Hart on Good News For Modern Man (Pine Creek Entertainment)
  • 12:17pm Where The Shadows Shiver To Sleep by Joseph Huber on Tongues Of Fire (Joseph Huber)
  • 12:21pm (I Don't Want to Know) John by Frankie Lee on Stillwater (Loose Music)
  • 12:26pm Jesus Are You Real by Mason Jennings on Boneclouds (Epic Records)
  • 12:30pm Sugar Blue by The Reverend Eddie Danger on 2002-2012
  • 12:35pm Kickapoo Switcheroo by Yellow Bellied Sapsucker on Speaking Of Music... Here Are The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers
  • 12:38pm Hangin by a Thread by Smokin' Bandits on Sisters and Brothers (Deece Productions/Explore La Crosse)
  • 12:43pm Ain't Gonna Find by Midnight Reruns on Force Of Nurture
  • 12:46pm Wh(R)Isp(V)ER by HUMBIRD on Where Else (humbird)
  • 12:48pm Doin' It by Radoslav Lorkovic on Clear and Cold (Shed)
  • 12:52pm a walk out of doors by Luke Callen on below your knows (Luke Callen)
  • 12:55pm Hercules by Boz Scaggs on Slow Dancer
  • 12:59pm Fooling You by Terry Reid on Seed Of Memory (BGO Records)
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