November 30, 2019

  • 11:01am The Hand by Dark Dark Dark on Bright Bright Bright
  • 11:05am $8 Beer by Them Coulee Boys on I Never Lied About Being in Love (Them Coulee Boys)
  • 11:15am I Thought I Held You by Wilco on Wilco A.M. (None Such Records)
  • 11:18am I Need a Change by The Shouting Matches on Grownass Man
  • 11:23am For The Tears by Honeydogs on Here's Luck (Palm Pictures)
  • 11:27am Get it Right by Lena Elizabeth on Get It Right (Lena Elizabeth)
  • 11:30am The River by Bill Miller on Sisters and Brothers (Deece Productions/Explore La Crosse)
  • 11:37am To The River by Feeding Leroy on Monument Valley (Feeding Leroy)
  • 11:40am Don't screw it up again.mp3 by Lucky Dog on Bones
  • 11:44am Everybody by Great American Taxi on Dr. Feelgoods Traveling Medicine Show (Lo-Hi Records)
  • 11:47am The Dust of Long-Dead Stars by The Jayhawks on Paging Mr. Proust
  • 11:51am Library Girl by Reina Del Cid & The Cidizens on Blueprints, Plans
  • 11:54am My Girl Bill by Jim Stafford on Billboard top 100 1974 (Rhino Billboard)
  • 11:57am Love Child by Diana Ross And The Supremes on Anthology Disc 2 (Motown)
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