December 1, 2019

  • 5:00pm Panther In Michigan by Steve Gillette, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen & Michael Smith on Fourtold
  • 5:05pm 03 As The Crow Flies by Liz Carroll and Jake Charron on Half Day Road
  • 5:09pm Death Valley by Jim Craig
  • 5:11pm DJ Dave Schipper_17_2 by
  • 5:13pm 05 Red Dirt Road by Kelley McRae on BVC 9_18_15
  • 5:17pm Up in Wisconsin by Peter And Lou Berryman on Songs About Wisconsin
  • 5:20pm Our Town by Iris DeMent on Infamous Angel
  • 5:25pm Victoria's Kitchen by Clay Riness on Best Of Four
  • 5:30pm DJ Dave Schipper_17_3 by
  • 5:31pm Ludlow Massacre by John McCutcheon on Sprout Wings And Fly
  • 5:36pm Condor Pasa by Inti Raymi on Traditional Music from the Andes
  • 5:41pm Safe Home by Johnsmith on Gravity of Grace
  • 5:44pm DJ Dave Schipper_17_4 by
  • 5:45pm Kokomo by Greg Brown on The Evening Call
  • 5:50pm Cadillac Avenue by Don Henry on Wild In The Backyard
  • 5:53pm Nashville Hero by The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers on Don't Think About Tomorrow Tonight
  • 5:57pm DJ Dave Schipper_17_5 by
  • 5:57pm Unknown Brother by The Black Keys on Brothers (Nonesuch)
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