January 11, 2020

  • 11:00am Fool's Gold by Them Coulee Boys on I Never Lied About Being in Love (Them Coulee Boys)
  • 11:04am Windy Reckless Wicked Eyed by Actual Wolf on ITASCA - B SIDES
  • 11:07am Art & Vandalism by Honeydogs on Love and Cannibalism
  • 11:11am (Was I) In Your Dreams by Wilco on Being There (disc two) (Reprise Records)
  • 11:14am Frankie by Ben Weaver on Paper Sky (Fugawee Bird Records)
  • 11:17am Expecting To Die by Ol' Yeller on Nuzzle (SMA Records)
  • 11:20am Death Wish by Prissy Clerks on Bruise or Be Bruised
  • 11:23am Tears Won't Fall by Farewell Milwaukee on Autumn Rest Easy
  • 11:26am Can't Go Home by Driftwood Bones on Mid West Music Fest 2014 Artist Sampler
  • 11:29am With the Ink of a Ghost by jose gonzalez (Imperial)
  • 11:34am Sell Out by Erik Koskinen on Burning The Deal (Real Phonic Records/Tone Tree Music)
  • 11:39am Venus Man Trap by Veruca Salt on Eight Arms to Hold You (outpost recordings)
  • 11:43am I Don't Want Your Millions Mister by Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee on Mid West Music Fest 2014 Artist Sampler
  • 11:46am Evergreen by Michigan Rattlers on Evergreen (Michigan Rattlers)
  • 11:50am Strange Magnets by Joey Ryan and the Inks on Joey Ryan And The Inks
  • 11:53am Stranger Angels by David Huckfelt on Stranger Angels (David Huckfelt)
  • 11:58am They Can't Take That Away from Me by Frank Sinatra on 57 - In Concert [LIVE] (Artinas Records)
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