January 12, 2020

  • 11:02am Wicked World by Jay Bennett on Whatever Happened I Apologize (Primary Wave Music)
  • 11:06am Pick Up The Change by Wilco on Wilco A.M. (None Such Records)
  • 11:08am A Bout by Bad Bad Hats on It Hurts - EP
  • 11:11am Angelina by Night Moves on Can You Really Find Me (WATERMARKED AUDIO) (Domino)
  • 11:14am Dreamin About You by Nooky Jones on Nooky Jones (Nooky Jones)
  • 11:20am Cows by The Suburbs on Ladies and Gentlemen, the Suburbs Have Left the Bulding
  • 11:21am Dog Days of Summer by J.E. Sunde on Shapes That Kiss the Lips of God (J.E. Sunde)
  • 11:25am Ocooch Mountain Blues by Luke Callen on below your knows (Luke Callen)
  • 11:28am Spiders in the Window by Stanton West on Songbird (Stanton West)
  • 11:32am Nothing's Wrong by Bellwether on The Stinging Nettles (Rosa Records)
  • 11:36am Three Dollar Bill by The Shouting Matches on Grownass Man
  • 11:39am I Don't Want Your Millions Mister by Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee on Mid West Music Fest 2014 Artist Sampler
  • 11:42am Look Through The Sun (Photokeratits) by Honeydogs on Love and Cannibalism
  • 11:45am Look Through The Sun (Photokeratits) by Honeydogs on Love and Cannibalism
  • 11:45am Think About Yourself by Golden Smog on Another Fine Day (Lost Highway)
  • 11:51am I'm Next to You by Porcupine on Mid West Music Fest 2015 Artist Sampler
  • 11:54am Sirens by Michigan Rattlers on Evergreen (Michigan Rattlers)
  • 11:57am Don't Sleep In The Subway by Petula Clark on Billboard Top 100 (Rhino Billboard)
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