August 29, 2019

  • 12:03pm His Days Are Gone by The Last Revel on Uprooted
  • 12:05pm Let Go by Sam Cassidy on Running Blind (Sam Cassidy)
  • 12:08pm Devices by Honeydogs on Love and Cannibalism
  • 12:11pm it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding) by bob dylan on bringing it all back home (columbia)
  • 12:19pm Mighty Reindeerlick WMSE Local Live by The Mighty Deerlick on WMSE Local Live (WMSE)
  • 12:22pm Darkness And The Light by Trampled By Turtles on Daytrotter Session - 5/20/2010
  • 12:25pm It's Alright, It's Okay, There's Something to Live for...Jesus Told Me So by Farewell Milwaukee on Autumn Rest Easy
  • 12:28pm Spiders in the Window by Stanton West on Songbird (Stanton West)
  • 12:32pm Sorrow by Ben Weaver on Paper Sky (Fugawee Bird Records)
  • 12:37pm In Orbit by Sister Species on Heavy Things Do Move (Sister Species)
  • 12:40pm Breakaway by The Mayer Brothers Band on Stay Out Of The Rain (Momentous Records)
  • 12:44pm Chance Saturday by Jake Manders on Mid West Music Fest 2015 Artist Sampler
  • 12:49pm Solitaire by Ol' Yeller on Sounder (SMA Records)
  • 12:53pm Strain of Cancer by Michigan Rattlers on Michigan Rattlers (Michigan Rattlers)
  • 12:56pm maggie's farm by bob dylan on bringing it all back home (columbia)
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